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Family Owned and Operated.

Why You Should Work With MGZ Lawn & Grounds Care

You have hundreds of landscape companies to choose from. Most property managers stay with their existing contractors because it is easier to not fire someone, even if they are not meeting your expectations and needs. That is why we take care of every service, in every season, and utilize the best personnel, equipment, and products our industry has to offer. When you work with MGZ, you benefit from having a single source for all of your landscaping and snow management needs.

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Servicing clients with modern and reliable equipment, rapid response times, gps tracked fleet, numerous industry credentials and certifications, excellent plant knowledge and more!

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We aim to service your property for years and year to come, NOT just one season

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We provide our clients with account managers that are certified and train all of their field staff properly. We have unmatched attention to detail and communication.

What Our Customers Say:

"The MGZ team are great people and they do great landscaping while still being very professional"

Zac, Greg, And Mark

We have always been asked the question, "What does MGZ mean?" and here they are! From left to right; Zac, Greg, Mark. Each one of them play a crucial role in the success of MGZ. We hope you'll take a minute to read what MGZ really is!

Our Team

Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon


Mark is the president of MGZ and oversees the general operation of the company. Mark has had
multiple industry certifications for many years, including being a licensed commercial applicator for
over 30 years! Mark got his start by working for ChemLawn (now Trugreen) but left in 2001. That
year he began working at Brown’s Lawn Service in Dayton.  He became co-owner of Brown’s after it
was renamed multiple times and in 2014, he and Shelly became the sole owners of the company,
rebranded as MGZ with a clear focus on Commercial Grounds Management. Although Mark isn’t
involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, he still is an integral part of the business and
provides oversight. When not at work, he enjoys Drag racing his Chevy Nova.

Shelly Gordon

Shelly Gordon


Shelly is the CEO for MGZ. Shelly oversees the overall direction of the company including large
purchases, HR and administrative duties, and management practices to ensure everything is running
smoothly at MGZ. Shelly has a behind the scenes roll with the company, however, is a key part of
the company’s success since it’s start in 2014. When not working, Shelly enjoys making crafts.

Zac Gordon

Zac Gordon

Operations Manager

Zac is the Operations Manager and is the primary driving force behind MGZ. Zac started in 2016 as
a Crew Leader, and in 2019 was promoted to Operations Manager. Zac has an associates degree in
Landscape Design and Management, as well as being an Ohio Commercial Applicator and Ohio
Certified Nursery technician. His experience working in the field as well as his college experience
give him a keen eye for detail and ability to create beautiful designs for our customers properties and
manage commercial contracts with ease. Zac currently handles the Day-to-day operations of the
company, including managing customer accounts, creating new business relationships, and
scheduling all our crews. When not at work, Zac enjoys kayaking and hunting.

Greg Gordon

Fleet Manager

Greg is the Fleet Manager for MGZ and serves an extremely important role in the organization. Greg
started with MGZ in early 2016, and quickly became a key voice for decision making and the overall
operation of our organization. Greg has been in the automotive repair industry most of his life and is
an ASE Certified Master Technician. Greg has the integral role of keeping over 150 pieces of
equipment and vehicles rolling for our crews and making sure there aren’t any unexpected
breakdowns that create downtime. When not at work, Greg enjoys coaching softball for the Bradford
Railroaders, who earned a state title in 2021!


The History

MGZ was originally started in 1972 as Brown’s Lawn Service in Dayton, and quickly became the region’s leader in commercial mowing and snow removal. Lots of things have changed since then, including the scope of services, multiple name changes, and even multiple owner changes. MGZ, now under the leadership of the Gordon family, is quickly becoming an industry market leader when it comes to Commercial Grounds Management in Southwest Ohio. Whether it’s mowing and turf care, landscape design and implementation, or snow and ice management, MGZ’s professional staff exceed client expectations day in and day out.

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